Trolls Wax Dextrose and Liquid Candy


Truly treat your taste buds with the Trolls Wax! Delicious, Troll-shaped candies loaded with a scrumptious gel that's sure to tantalize your sweet tooth. You can pick from 4 wild flavors-- Strawberry, Cola, Apple, and Blueberry. Squeeze the Troll and let the candy ooze out of their ears for a delightful and unique snack. Gross? Maybe. Delicious? Definitely!

Ingredients:  Dextrose, Glucose Syrup (From Corn), Flavours, Citric Acid (330), Colours (133. 102, 129;

Gel Candy Ingredients: Glucose Syrup (From Corn), Acidity Regulators (330, 296), Water, Flavours, Preservative (202), Colours (100, 133, 102, 129).


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