PEZ - Halloween Collection


"Experience a spooky sweet treat with PEZ - Halloween! These fruit-flavored sugar confections come with a fun and collectible PEZ dispenser that will make you smile (and possibly jump!). Perfect for any trick-or-treater or PEZ enthusiast. Make Halloween even sweeter with PEZ!"

Ingredients: Sugar, glucose syrup(Corn), acid (297), hydrogenated palm fat, emulsifier (471), flavour, colouring, foodstuffs:

Yellow: colouring foodstuff (concentrate of safflower), lemon juice concentrate

Orange: colouring foodstuff (concentrate of apple, carrot, safflower, sweet potato) 

Light Red: colouring foodstuff (concentrate of grapes, blackcurrant and black carrots)

Red: colouring foodstuff (concentrate of blackcurrant and black carrots)

Lactose free, gluten free & vegan friendly!

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