Dubble Bubble Original


Who taught you to blow your first bubble? When Dubble Bubble Bubble Gum first came out in 1928, its inventor, Walter Deimer, personally trained the sales staff to blow bubbles. Then the sales staff went out to sell the world's first commercial bubble gum, demonstrating its bubble power to store owners and teaching them to blow bubbles, so they could hook prospective customers. Just think: if you traced back your bubble-blowing ancestry (who taught the person who taught you? And who taught them? etc.), then it's likely we can all trace our bubble-blowing abilities back to Walter Diemer, an accountant at Fleer Chewing Gum Company who liked to play around with leftover ingredients, and who pretty much stumbled on the formula for bubble gum, which the company had been seeking for years. For generations of bubble gum fans, Dubble Bubble has been the gold standard in bubble gum, the sweetest, juiciest and best bubble-blowingest gum in the world. It's popularity grew during World War II, when Dubble Bubble was distributed in military rations (until a scarcity of ingredients halted all gum manufacturing in 1942) and it's still a favorite of bubble gum chewers all over the world.Made in USA.

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